Leeson Polyurethanes Ltd

The leading manufacturers of PU Adhesives and Coatings, supplying worldwide

Established in 1986, Leeson Polyurethanes Ltd is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of MDI polyurethane one component (moisture curing) and two component structural adhesives. The company also manufactures a wide range of other polyurethane products including polyurethane binders for playgrounds and sports pitches, industrial and decorative coatings, and polyurethane reactive (PUR) hotmelts for panel lamination.

The company offers its customers the complete package of polyurethane adhesives and specialises in the development of products specifically designed to meet each customer’s requirements. Quality control is given an extremely high priority with each product performance tested under conditions consistent with the customer’s application before dispatch. The company’s commitment to quality has been recognized by the granting of approval to ISO 9001:2008. Through its technical dominance and economies of scale, it has been able to offer an unsurpassable package of service to its customers in the UK and export markets.


Quality Assurance

Leeson Polyurethanes Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:

  • BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System
  • BBA Certificate 01/H049 – D3149 High-friction surfacing system
  • BBA Certificate 16/5323 – 16/5323 Leeson Liquid-applied Roof Waterproofing Systems
  • BBA Certificate 17/5413-1 – 17/5413-1 Leeson Resin Bound Decorative Surfacing
  • BBA Certificate 17/5413-2 – 17/5413-2 Leeson Resin Bound Decorative Surfacing



Leeson Polyurethanes Ltd provides goods and services in the following areas:

(41) Wall finishes: external > Wall cladding panels
(43) P Floor finishes: jointless > Resin-based flooring
(43) T Floor finishes: flexible sheets, including rubber, plastics > Sheet and tile flooring
(43) T Floor finishes: flexible sheets, including rubber, plastics > Sports sheet flooring
(47) Roof finishes > Roofing membranes

External works
(90.4) Landscaping, hard surfaces, pools > Sports grounds
(90.4) Landscaping, hard surfaces, pools > Road surfaces and accessories

General products
V Paints, varnishes, protective treatments etc. > Waterproof paints, coated dp membranes